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About Us’s existence is fueled by the passion of those collectors we have the privilege of connecting with through our various associations with globally recognised events, organisations, athletes, legends and entertainers.

We are on a constant quest to curate, purvey and preserve some of the world’s most unique artefacts, with the goal of facilitating access to more of what collectors want in the way of information, services and desirable acquisitions. Additionally, we truly appreciate the need for serious collectors to know that their coveted possessions are not only unique, genuine and authentic, but also that their value is always preserved and protected.

As you enter and explore the world of, you will see our dedication to all of the above along with our commitment to you, an Authentic Collector.

Like the artefacts that make up your collection, you are distinctive, unique and genuine. Passionate yet prudent, discerning yet decisive.

You value the importance of preserving and protecting the possessions that provide you with a deep connection to your special experiences, memories and moments.

You are an Authentic Collector and this is your site.

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