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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below. Should you have any questions not answered below, please feel free to contact us at

I am new to the Authentic Collector Auction: where do I start?

Everyone is invited to browse or search through our auction categories and listings for items. If you see something you would like to bid for you must register first. Registration is free and easy.

May I browse listings without registering?

You may browse as much as you like without registering.

How do I register?

It takes just a few minutes to register. To complete the registration process, you will need to provide information such as your user name, full name, address and email address. Register Now.

What does it cost to register?

Registration is free and easy. There are no monthly membership fees, and there is no obligation to maintain your Registered User status. Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive a confirmation email message from Authentic Collector Auctions and you will then have instant access to bid on and purchase products. Register Now.

Do I have to buy anything after I register?

No. Registered Users are not obliged to bid on or purchase anything listed at the Authentic Collector Auction website. Register Now.

Do I have to enter my credit card information when I register?

The registration process does not require you to enter credit card information. You will, however, need to provide a valid credit card in order to start bidding. Your credit card information is required only for the first time you place a bid on the auction. Additional bids will not require credit card verification; however, please be sure all information is up to date to ensure that your winning bid can be processed without delay. Register Now.

Does the Auction comply with Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) ?

All sales made at auction (including internet auctions) are exempt from Distance Selling Regulations and are deemed a legally binding sale of contract, compliant with Global Trading Standards. All sales from the Authentic Collector Auction website are deemed final.

How do I bid?

Registered Users are eligible to place bids on items by clicking the “Bid Now” button displayed at the individual item listing. Follow the prompts and read any instructions from that point to successfully submit a bid.

Is there a charge to place bids?

No. As a Registered User, browsing and bidding for products are free.

Can I submit a bid offline?

No. Unfortunately bidding can only be submitted by Registered Users via the website.

Where can I monitor my bidding activity?

Registered Users can monitor all their bidding activity from within the "Bid Status" section.

How will I know if my bid is no longer winning?

An automated email will be sent to the Registered User when his/her bid is no longer winning. However, there can be unpredictable delays in email transmissions so it is highly recommend that you regularly visit the Authentic Collector Auction to check your current bid status.

How will I know if I win?

Registered Users will be notified by email if they are deemed the successful bidder, although you are responsible for determining if you have won by visiting the site and checking the status of your bid in My account. The email will contain instructions on next steps.

What is a Reserve Price Auction?

In a Reserve Price Auction, the seller has the option of setting a reserve price, which is a price higher than the opening value. A reserve price allows the seller to initiate bidder interest and determine the fair market value of an item. If the seller has set a reserve price you will see either a 'Reserve price NOT met' or 'Reserve price met' message on the listing page depending on whether the current bid is below, or at or above, this price.

Why does it appear that I am having to place multiple bids in order for my bid to be accepted?

This is because a bidder has placed a “Maximum Bid Amount” or “Proxy Bid”, which is the highest price they are willing to bid in order to win the auction. The maximum bid is kept confidential until the amount is exceeded by another bidder. The automatic bidding system will bid on their behalf at the bid increment amount above the current high bid. You can place a proxy bid of your own in order to try to outbid the current proxy bid, or you may choose to continue bidding in the increments indicated until your bid is accepted.

Can I increase my Maximum/Proxy Bid after I've placed a bid?

Yes. If your maximum bid amount has been outbid, you can return to the listing and proceed to bid a higher amount by the increment or enter another maximum bid.

I appear to have been overbid by an amount smaller than the bid increment. How has this occurred?

The other bidder had placed a proxy bid. In some cases, it's possible that another bidder's standing maximum bid is greater than yours, but by less than the bid increment. This is because at the time the maximum bid was placed, it was in an amount greater than the required increment. In this case, the other bidder will be winning at exactly their maximum bid.

Can I retract a confirmed bid?

Yes - Confirmed bids by Registered Users can only be retracted under the following special circumstances should you choose to submit a formal request.

  • A typographical error is made when placing a bid and Bidder has submitted a formal bid retraction request immediately upon placing the bid.
  • A product listing’s original information was amended causing a change in the Bidder’s understanding of the listing for which the bid was placed.
  • The bid retraction request is submitted more than 24 hours before the auction closes.

How do I find out if an auction has ended?

You can locate an auction in which you have participated from within the “Bid Status” section of your account, or by entering the listing number, if known, in the search box.

I’ve just won an auction - what are the next steps?

Upon winning an item in the Authentic Collector Auction, you will be sent a notification email confirming you are the winner.

Payment will processed to your registered card. The final payment amount will be based on the winning bid amount plus shipping (based on size, weight and location) and applicable taxes (based on delivery address). If your delivery address is within with UK or the European Union, the tax charged will be 20% VAT. If your delivery address is with North America you will be charged applicable country and/or State/Province taxes.

Can I pay through Paypal?

No - we do not offer the facility to pay via Paypal.

When will my item ship?

Items will be shipped as soon as possible upon successful checkout.

Can items be shipped internationally?

Yes. Delivery charges will vary however depending on the shipping address.

Am I able to collect my winning item(s)?

No, unfortunately we are not able to accommodate this.

What happens if my item is damaged during shipping?

Upon receiving your item, please inspect it immediately to ensure there have not been any damages during transit. If so, please contact customer service at .

I’ve received an incorrect or damaged/faulty item - What should I do?

Please refer to the Return Policy document here

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